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British Contemporary Romance

Everything started in 2015 when Hanleigh wrote her first book, Broken Rules, a book about Aurora Stone and Landon Peters, two people living in the city of London. That very first book has taken Hanleigh on a crazy journey with hundreds of characters and places. This series was finally completed in 2018 when Hanleigh published A Secret Melody, a short stand-alone novella about Landon's deceased sister. Hanleigh chose to write the novella because countless readers had reached out to her to ask for her story. It was a strange story for Hanleigh to write as it didn't fall into her usual genre, Contemporary Romance.

The Rules Series is available in various stores including, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo & Radish.

Expectations. Rules. Perfection. Aurora’s life is dictated by everyone else’s rules and expectations.
One night, one man changes everything in a split second decision that might just change her life, one broken rule at a time.
Together Aurora and Landon begin an adventure of rule breaking, undeniable chemistry and hot sex.
It’s a whirlwind of giving and losing control.

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She’s under his skin, in his mind, and pushing her way into his heart.
Aurora’s threatening to steal his control. She sees more than he wants her to.
He’d agreed to help her break her own rules, but he hadn’t expected her to eviscerate his too.
Landon doesn’t do vulnerable. He doesn’t do weak.
And that’s exactly what she does to him…
She’s got him completely at her mercy.

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Control is often fleeting, easily stolen, and fun to lose.
Landon and Aurora return in the final instalment of their story.
Secrets are kept, lies are hidden, as they try to fit into each other’s worlds. Now living together, they quickly learn that it's not that easy to let rules go.
Who will come out on top in their fight for dominance?

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My name is Melody Peters and I’m dead. Gosh, that sounds dramatic doesn’t it – except I guess you don’t get more dramatic than dead. I have been a while now. I’ve gotten used to it. I’m well past the acceptance stage. I died when I was sixteen. A car crash. A drunk driver, I think. I’d been on my way home from boarding school with my best friend Abby.

But then I’d died. I don’t think I was ready to die. I had too many things left to do. Fuck, I hadn’t even written a bucket list yet.

The one thing I had done? I’d fallen in love. His name was Zach. Zach Mulligan. He wasn’t my first boyfriend. Hell, he wasn’t even the first boy my big brother caught trying to climb out my bedroom window. Although, he was only the second. I wasn’t a complete slag.

But he was the first and only boy I ever fell in love with.

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You can now read the whole series; Broken Rules, Enforced Rules, Revised Rules and A Secret Melody in a complete box set. 

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