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British Contemporary Romance

Right from the word go readers told Hanleigh how much they loved Tallulah so it was only natural that everyone's favourite artist got her own series of books. In fairness, Hanleigh couldn't wait to tell Tallulah's story either and had been hinting at it, all through the first two series. Although this series is a little bit of a tear-jerker, it is an absolute must read. It deals with some very serious topics and yet still manages to give us all a little hope and happiness too. It follows Tallulah Conway and Jarrod Thorpe as they overcome their fears, intimacy issues and worst of all pain. The fourth book in the series tells Cameron Barker, another reader favourite, and Grace Dolton's story.

Tallulah is a happy, bubbly, excitable girl or at least that's what everyone else thinks. Inside... Inside she's a mess. She's holding it together, but she's got a secret, a secret that she can't tell anyone. A secret that makes her skin crawl and leaves her crying herself to sleep. She tells herself she'll be okay. That she can cope. She can forget about how damaged she is. Then she meets Jarrod, her best friend's boyfriend's best friend and he's everything she's ever wanted except she isn't the girl she used to be and now she doesn't think she deserves what she once wanted.

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What are you supposed to do when everything inside of you cringes away from the one you love? When one touch is enough to make you scream? One kiss enough to make you run?

Jarrod Thorpe promises to wait for her. It's everything she'd normally want to hear but now... it's too much and everything inside her tells her to run for the hills. Finally, she's told her friends about what happened in Brighton but she can't face the idea of telling Jarrod.

What if he doesn't love her anymore? What if he gives her the same look everyone else is giving her? What if he pities her?

She just can't face it.

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Six months. That’s how long Tallulah Conway has been in my life. It’s not been easy. She’s fought against me every step of the way, she’s fought against loving me, letting me love her, fought against a relationship, fought against our future and then when she finally concedes, when she finally gives in and sees the future I see for us, this happens.

Six months… twenty-six weeks… one hundred and eighty-two days… four thousand three hundred and eighty minutes hours… six months is not enough. Nowhere fucking near.

But what if the future I’m clinging to doesn’t exist?

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“I’m not the guy for you.”
It’s a sentence I’ve said more times than I can count. It’s usually the sentence that follows, “so, are we...?” or “are you my boyfriend?” or “do you want to come to my sister’s wedding with me?”
I’m not exaggerating either when I say it. I mean it. Every single time I say it.
The girls on the other hand, they don’t seem to like it.
But I don’t really know why they expect differently. I always make it clear from the start. I’m not looking for anything serious. This is just sex. I’m not your boyfriend. I say those sentences and most girls nod and agree or if they don’t like those terms, they walk before anything happens.
I respect that, so I don’t get why they don’t respect my boundaries. When I say those things I mean it but they seem to think that they can change me.
Well to risk sounding like a complete jerk, they’re not that good in the sack.

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You can now read the entire series in a single book. This book contains Damaged Intimacy, Entangled Intimacy, Forceful Intimacy and Call Me Doctor.

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