Join date: Jan 20, 2019

Who are you, you may ask?

I’m right on this task.

I’m reader (mostly) in the night,

Do not disturb me, I might bite.

I’m mother, there is three of them,

Mighty girls, each a perfect gem.

I’m teaching art, not only to kids,

If you request, will provide pics.

I’m geek, give me confiance,

I have degree in computer science.

Do not feed me with coffee or tea,

I just hate it, that’s huge part of me.

A part of that I’m fun and crazy,

Always active, never lazy.

I watch Netflix, I do Yoga,

Go to theater and drinking soda.

I volunteer, helping out,

Community, it’s what it’s about.

I’m always myself, that’s important thing,

What you see is real me, not a bling.

You may hate me, or show love,

What you got is all above.

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