The Strong Independent Women of Hanleigh's London

One thing that I really love about the Hanleigh's #London #Saga is that all of the #female #characters are #strong #independent #women. As a #reader, there is nothing I hate more than weak, easily controlled women. I like it when the #books I #read give me characters that I can actually relate to or want to be like.

I'd like to take a second to introduce you to some of my leading ladies!

Aurora Stone

Aurora is a twenty-something PGCE student (she's training to become a teacher) in the Rules Series when she meets Landon Peters (sexy billionaire CEO). Aurora is super pretty with dark chestnut coloured hair.

She is very kind and fiercely loyal. She's a stickler for the rules and can sometimes be a little bit overbearing. She loves her privacy and loves reading.

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Clara Delos

Clara is a red head and she has the fiery temper to match. She's not the most forgiving person and is often scared to trust people.

She is really funny, highly sarcastic and downright cheeky at times.

Clara works for TRW Advertising where she re-meets Andrew Contius, her high school bully.

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Tallulah Conway

Tallulah is an artist. She's bubbly and happy and seriously outgoing and confident. You might even say she's completely lost her rocker.

When something awful happens to her, she loses herself a little bit. But with time and some serious strength on her part, she finds herself again.

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You can read Aurora, Clara and Tallulah's stories in the Hanleigh's London Saga as well as the stories of more strong independent women!

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