The Moment I Went Darker Than I Knew I Could...

Yesterday was a good #writing day. I was in the zone or whatever you want to call it. The words were pouring from my fingertips, through the keyboard and onto the screen. This wasn't that much of a surprise. I'm on a #deadline and work best under pressure, not to mention I really can't wait to start writing my next project after I finish The #Fate Series so I'm eager to get this finished.

If you've read Inescapable Fate, and hopefully you have, you'll know that it centres around a couple of police officers as they try to catch an evil scumbag of a #kidnapping serial killer. You'll be glad to know my descriptions are better in the books... lol. Georgia, our lovely leading lady, has done something rather rash and ... stupid, putting herself in a heap of #danger and leaving you all with the #cliffhanger from hell for the best part of a year. Yes. I'm an evil, cruel, possibly vindictive #author. My bad.

Yesterday though, I was writing the moments after our awful cliffhanger and my thoughts were spiralling, the writing was twisting and what was left was a half-dead female #protagonist, a sick serial #killer and his (now exposed) sidekick and a man desperate to save his girlfriend. What really shocked me were the words escaping me...

Imagine it though. Imagine you're Georgia. You've been working this case for months. You've seen how the perp has #murdered, #raped and #tortured his victims and now you're the next in line. What's more, you know that everything that has already happened was building up to this point. You are the one he was acting out killing each and every time. You know exactly what he's capable of and you know what he's pictured doing to you over and over again. How? Because you've seen it... you've seen it in the bloody walls of each crime scene, you've seen it in the countless stab wounds on their corpses and the empty condom wrappers that littered the ground.

Personally, if I was Georgia right now... I'd be scared beyond belief. But Georgia isn't your average girl. She's seriously strong. She's got more courage in her pinky than I do at all. Where I'd be a screaming wreck, crying and begging, she's not.

I guess the real question is... who is going to win? Will the perp do to Georgia what he's done to all the others, will Georgia be able to save herself, or will Walker Trent come to her rescue?

Start reading now with Inescapable Fate... or if you are one of the unlucky ones who have already read Inescapable Fate, you can now pre-order Inexplicable Fate (book two in the series).

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