Tainted by Prophecy

Tainted by Prophecy

Kumari's Kitsune (#2)

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Even at its very beginning, her reign felt tainted by the prophecies that surrounded it and the death that they foretold.

They were dark, speaking of unknown evils and the potential destruction of the realm and even the eradication of magic. It was not a destiny that Bae, the Kumari, wanted but it was the one allotted her.

Bae wished that she could deny them, call them falsehoods but she couldn't, not when the fate of the whole realm rested on her shoulders.

It might cost her her life, or the lives of those she loved most, but she would stop at nothing to save magic, save her ren and hopefully save herself.

Kumari's Kitsune Series

Kumari’s Kitsune is a RH Fantasy Romance. Bae is the Kumari of Maho, a fictional realm with seven tribes. To ensure magical and political stability she must claim a mate from each of the seven tribes but an unknown enemy is hell-bent of destroying the realm, it’s queen and the magic that sustains it.

Books in the Series

Cursed by the Crown, Tainted by Prophecy, Lost to the Throne, Corrupted by Innocence, Deranged by Darkness, Undone by Destiny & Returned to Magic.

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