Reverse Harem Fantasy & Paranormal Giveaway

This month I am participating in this #book #fair #giveaway. If you love reading #RH then this giveaway is perfect for you. Find some new #books and #authors while #reading #free #books!

Check out some of the books included in the giveaway:

  • The Platypus and Her Wolves by Laura Greenwood & LA Boruff

  • Chasing Aledwen by Laura Greenwood

  • Rescued by Bears by Skye MacKinnon

  • Wicked Origins by Paula Black

  • Mystic Hallows Harem by Nikki Landis

  • School of Broken Souls by CR Jane and Mila Young

  • Her Biker Twins by Lilly Wilder

Be sure to check out the giveaway for the complete list of free books!

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