Random Facts About Me!

I'm super excited about our new website, like crazy excited and thought I'd use my first Blog Post to tell you a little something about ME! Just in case you have no idea who I am... I am Hanleigh Bradley, author of Romance. I used to say that I was an author of Contemporary Romance but that isn't technically true anymore. I now write more than just Contemporary Romance. I've also started writing Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance too.

  1. I'll Be Twenty-Nine In March

  2. I have curly hair

  3. I love to write Romance

  4. I love reading almost as much as I love writing

  5. I have a tattoo

  6. I'm British (and panicking about Brexit...)

  7. I love visiting London

  8. I'm learning Chinese and Korean

  9. I love watching Grey's Anatomy & Madam Secretary

  10. I can sing, dance, act... you name it I can probably do it (but that doesn't mean that I do, thank goodness)

  11. I love Orion's Belt because it always reminds me of home

  12. I listen to classical music while I write

  13. I'm addicted to chocolate and pepsi max

  14. I have two pet dogs - Manny and Missy

  15. I love foxes and that's why Kumari's Kitsune has a very very special fox in it

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