Hooked on HEAs

In real life things go wrong. They don't always go to plan. We fall out of #love as quickly as we fall into it. Love can be lost in so many ways and without fail its loss almost always destroys us. But in our #books, everything is a little bit better, a little bit more eternal and 100% less painful.

The reason I write is probably the same reason you #read. When you read a #book your #imagination introduces you to a new world, a world that may be completely different to the one you live in. When you read a book the #author's words bring that world to life. How many times have you read a book or watched a film and found yourself #dreaming about it afterwards? Your imagination making it a reality, at least for a moment. The world the words create is #captivating, it catches your attention and works hard to keep it, your mind living out the character's Happy Ever After. There is only one thing more tantalising than entering someone else's imaginings: CREATING YOUR OWN. When you put pen to paper and create a world it is exhilarating. Every word has meaning. You know every character intimately. You know every #secret, every whisper, every smell, every hidden look; and more so than even the most avid of readers you can get lost inside your creation.

If I'm right and those worlds that fill our books are just a little bit better than this one, the only question left is why. I put it down to the #HEA. Even the books that lack a #conventional Happy Ever After, you know the ones - The Time Traveler's Wife... One Day... - they still have an #eternal happy ending. Our characters might not be together at the end but their #love remains eternal, their love surpasses even their lives, and in a way that too is a happy #ending.

As a #romance #writer, I've thought about this A LOT. Here are a few of my reasons why books are better than reality and why we're all so completely #hooked on #HEAs:

Book #Boyfriends Never Break Your Heart

Our book #boyfriends might disappoint us frequently while we’re