Have You Read Cursed by the Crown?

He was proud. Jealous. Possessive even. How the hell was he supposed to share her with six other men?

Trust was a liberty that as Kumari, Bae could not afford, especially after the murder of Bae’s mother, the late Kumari.

The Kumari bloodline had to continue regardless of the cost, even if it was the life of someone she loved.

There were only two things that a Kumari should trust; magic and her seven mates.

The race was on for Bae to find and claim her seven mates before she had to defend her realm from an unknown enemy.

With them, she still might not win, but alone she would definitely fail.

When they entered the Kumari’s bedchamber, there was a brief moment of awkwardness, Bae unable to forget that just beyond the door there were two protectors standing guard.

Armel stepped towards her, ready to claim her in the way every other Ren claimed their mate. It might not be as magical as having a silver fox say a few words about destiny and choice but it was love and lust combined in the perfect dance of two souls.

Without words, they made their way into the bathing chamber. He would go slow, no matter how much his body craved to rush, because she mattered more than his own enjoyment. Once in the cave room, he positioned himself behind her. Moving her hair to one side, he kissed her neck, biting down softly before running the tip of his tongue along her skin. She shivered in delight and he chuckled quietly when his mind was taken over by her thoughts.

Lowering the strap of her dress, he moved his lips to her shoulder as his hands made quick work of undoing the dress entirely. After a moment, he allowed the dress to fall to the floor, exposing her flesh. He came around, so he was standing in front of her. Her eyes were cast down towards the floor. Even if he wasn’t watching, he would have still known she was shy, just from the noise her thoughts were making in his head.

“You’re beautiful, Bae,” he said gruffly, his hand lingering on her collar bone. With one hand he pulled his shirt over his head, enjoying the gasp that escaped Bae’s mouth at the sight of him.

Bae bit down on her lip in an attempt to hold back a moan. Her body was on edge, just from seeing his chest. He was all hard lines, taut skin and muscles. There wasn’t an inch of fat on Armel, Bae was sure of it. Her fingers itched to reach out for him, to touch him. He was hers, all hers. She watched as his hands moved to the waistband of his trousers. Bae’s breathing came fast as she watched him undress. Dressed, Armel was a man to be reckoned with. Naked, he was beyond intimidating. Bae’s eyes were drawn to his jutting cock. Fuck, she thought to herself.