Hanleigh's British Blokes

Today I thought I'd share a bit about the lovely men that I've written about so far in the Hanleigh's London Saga. We all live for our Book Boyfriends after all! This Saga is a long way from coming to an end and undoubtedly we'll have plenty more book boyfriends along the way but for now, I have some lovely men that I think you will absolutely love!


Everything kicked off with the CEO bad boy himself, Landon Peters. He's not one for relationships, nicknamed the 'King of the one night stand' by his friends. He has rules for everything, from how he deals with his parents, to his work and even his sex life. Everything changes though when he meets Aurora Stone, his leading lady.

Landon was born in 1989 (making him just a little older than the author who brought him to life). He's incredibly handsome with greenish grey eyes that seem to twinkle with amusement. He will definitely make you swoon. He has a deep, rich laugh and his tone is often mocking. He has broad shoulders and amazing forearms.

Just wait until you see him rolling up his sleeves, running a hand through his hair or even better, removing his tie. Landon is the strong, powerful billionaire CEO you've been looking for.

"I'm wealthy and attractive, and at the risk of sounding shallow, that usually gets me what I want. I wear an expensive outfit, put a smirk on my face, buy a girl a few drinks and take her home in my flashy car, and it works every time. Except possibly tonight." - Landon Peters

Landon sometimes comes across a little cold and definitely arrogant. He keeps his emotions to himself and is hard to read. He's very confident, quite demanding and highly impatient. His favourite thing in the world is the sight of Aurora's blush.

Would you like to get to know Landon better? Why not read his story in The Rules Series!


Zach is a little younger than Landon and he hasn't found his HEA yet. So far, his love story was short and tragic but one day I promise I'll find the perfect woman to claim his heart. We first meet him in The Rules Series where he is our Leading Man in A Secret Melody.

Zach moved around a lot as a child because of his parents' careers but finally gets a chance to settle in one place when he attends Chelston Boarding School where he meets Melody Peters. Their relationship was cut short but for years afterwards he will compare every woman he meets with his very first love.

He has beautiful tanned skin and dark eyes. Zach is highly competitive and super intelligent.

I can't wait to give him his Happy Ever After but that will have to wait for a little while. Sometimes the ending is all the sweeter because you have to wait for it. In the meantime, you should totally read The Rules Series so that you can meet and fall in love with this gorgeous man!


Something I've noticed about most (or at least the first three I've told you about today) of the book boyfriends in Hanleigh's London is that they all seem to have lost some one they love at a young age. Andrew is no different. Andrew's father died on Christmas Day when he was only twelve-years-old. That one horrible experience would lead to years of turmoil and pain for Andrew.

Andrew has been in love withe same girl for as long as he remembers. Problem is she absolutely hates him. In school, Andrew used to bully Clara, mostly because he liked her but also because teasing her helped him escape the emptiness he felt at the loss of his father and his mother's depression.

He is super funny, always making jokes and never taking anything seriously. He is incredibly protective of the people he loves and looks devastatingly handsome in a suit. He has grey eyes and messy, black hair.

In The History Series Andrew and Clara have a second chance at love, and Andrew does everything he can to get not only her forgiveness but also her heart.


Kenneth is our leading man in A History In Paris, where he and his ex-wife tell their children the story of their first love in Paris.

There's no Happy Ever After here but that's okay because not every love is built to last. Some loves are more beautiful because they are too bright to burn forever.

Kenneth's story starts in the 80's (1983 to be precise) when at the age of twenty-four he sees Michelle Spencer for the very first time under the Eifle Tower. He has black hair that as he grows older is now speckled with grey and his eyes are a striking blue. Kenneth is a highly rational person and very rarely shows his emotions.

You can read Kenneth's short, sad love in The History Series.


Jarrod is the CO-CEO of a group of restaurants and bars with his friend Jack Vincent.

He has a friendly and approachable face. A bit rough around the edges, he often has a stubbly face. His hair is blonde and he has blue eyes.

He rides a motorbike from time to time and loves being out and about. He is a complete softy. Jarrod is kind and very generous. He is very patient and easy going.

Jarrod falls for Tallulah Conway, Aurora Stone's best friend in The Intimacy Series.


Cameron is a Doctor! In my opinion, that's reason enough to read his story. He decided to become a doctor after suffering at the hands of his abusive father. Both himself and his mother often landing up in the hospital.

Cameron is toned with strong muscles. He's a gym nut. His hair is a dark brown and cropped short. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder. His smile is completely blinding and he has practically perfect bone structure and the most amazing blue eyes.

Cameron keeps people at a distance but if he cares for you, he cares deeply. He works hard and plays hard too. He is very flirtatious and is a little bit of a 'manwhore'. He doesn't like sharing his feelings or talking about his family.

"Cameron is never scared to do what he wants; whatever he wants, when he wants. It's almost like his flipping motto." - Aurora Stone

When you read The Intimacy Series, you can live out Cameron's love story. There's only one girl for him but he's too scared to admit it.


It's easy to misunderstand Walker. He comes across as a bit of a misogynistic pig but really he's a perfect gentleman.

He comes from a large family and works for the Met at none other than Scotland Yard. He's pretty young to be promoted to Detective Chief Inspector but he'd never let that stop him. He's incredibly hard working and dedicated. He started out as a PC in 2012 at the age of eighteen and has come along way since then.

He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He is very attractive in a bossy, arrogant sort of way. He is very commanding and can be a little bit of an arse. He is very protective of the people he loves.

While chasing down criminals, Walker falls for one of his Detective Sergeants, Georgia Kentley in The Fate Series.


Tristan is one of those men that amazes everyone. He stands by the woman he loves even in her darkest moments. He has coppery coloured hair and blue eyes. He can be a bit of a moody git but is incredibly caring.

He works at the same company as Landon and Andrew, where he meets Ella Winthrope. She's a bit of a liar. She's frequently late and always comes up with the best excuses. She entices him and he wants to know her better.

You can get to know this sexy assed boss in The Fate Series.

These are just a few of the lovely men who cause the readers of the Hanleigh's London Saga to swoon! There will definitely be more to come in the future! You'll want to check out the books to make sure you're all caught up before the next book comes out!

Hanleigh releases a new book every single month - so you'll never be lost for something to read.