I wrote The #Intimacy #Series because I wanted to #write something #meaningful. I wanted to #write something that might help someone who was #hurting, someone who was #struggling to #love. The #Intimacy #Series is about a twenty-something woman with a whole world of awesomeness ahead of her, except she's really #hurting.

Someone #hurt her, #raped her, and left her #feeling like she was a shell of the person she once was. This #series is all about how Tallulah, like far too many women in this world, has to face not only what happened to her, but reporting it to the police, sitting through a trial, and eventually falling in #love again.

#Intimacy is expensive. It costs something. It's risky even when you haven't been #hurt before, but when you've already experienced that #pain, it's damn near impossible. For Tallulah, she couldn't even bear to be #touched, let alone try and actually have #sex.

In time though she #overcomes her #pain and finds her happy ever after. This #series is guaranteed to make you #cry - and there's no way I'll apologise for that. We should #cry when faced with real #pain.

What are you supposed to do when everything inside of you cringes away from the one you love? When one touch is enough to make you scream? One kiss enough to make you run?

Jarrod Thorpe promises to wait for her.

It's everything she'd normally want to hear but now... it's too much and everything inside her tells her to run for the hills.

Finally, she's told her friends about what happened in Brighton but she can't face the idea of telling Jarrod.

What if he doesn't love her anymore? What if he gives her the same look everyone else is giving her?

What if he pities her?

She just can't face it.

The second book in The #Intimacy Series, a four book series, Entangled Intimacy follows Tallulah Conway as she deals with the aftermath of a sexual assault. Readers may find it distressing but I sincerely believe that by the end of the series it may also be cathartic.

If you love your #romance #inspirational and #heartwrenching, then this book is definitely for you. Entangled Intimacy is currently available on Amazon and is enrolled in #Kindle #Unlimited. However, it will soon be available elsewhere including on the #Radish #App.

Entangled Intimacy is part of a #complete series so you don't have to be patient and wait to find out what happens next. You can either purchase each book individually or you can buy them all together in one boxset.

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