Enforced Rules

I've been writing since 2015 which seems like such a long time ago now. I guess it kind of it. Four years is quite a long time. It all started with The Rules Series. Enforced Rules is the second book in the series. There are now three more series in the Hanleigh's London Saga with a total of sixteen books (or at least it will be on the 20th April when Irreversible Fate goes finally LIVE).

She’s under his skin, in his mind, and pushing her way into his heart. Aurora’s threatening to steal his control. She sees more than he wants her to.

Landon doesn’t do vulnerable. He doesn’t do weak. And that’s exactly what she does to him… She’s got him completely at her mercy.

Landon's world is unravelling and fast and it's all Aurora's fault. With control out of his reach though he might just push to enforce the rules between himself and Aurora in a desperate attempt to reclaim the control he craves.

After all, he told Aurora he would help her break her rules but he hadn't planned on it being at the expense of his own. But will his need for control prove too much for Aurora?

Can this British bad boy and pretty English socialite balance their need for control or will their relationship fail before it even really begins?

The second book in a four book complete series, Enforced Rules is the story of two Londoners. If you love CEO romances this is definitely the book for you.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, although Hanleigh also hopes to release an Audiobook in the near future.