Deleting History

I wrote the #History #Series during a particularly difficult time in my #life. My #mum is quite sick. She suffered a brain injury about six years ago and sometimes she gets very #depressed. In 2016, when I was writing the #History #Series, my #mum was actually in the #hospital after having tried to commit #suicide. This #series was this #author's way of trying to come to terms with what was happening. You could say it was #cathartic.

You can’t delete the past. You can’t avoid it either. If you do, eventually it will slap you right across the face.

Clara’s been avoiding her past for years, but when it’s exposed what will she do?

More than that, how can she keep the people she loves safe from scandal?

Will she sacrifice her own happiness to keep everyone’s history buried?

The second book in a four p