An Interview With Hanleigh About The History Series

Hello Lovelies! Today I thought I'd take a second to answer some of the #questions that I often get asked about The #History #Series. I started #writing the #series all the way back in 2016 and finished it last year with the #release of A History in Paris. I am also really excited to announce that in the next few months I will be looking to add this series to #Radish.

What inspired you to write the History series?

I don't often talk about why I wrote the history #series for a very simple reason. It's actually very #personal. At the time of #writing the #series, I was trying to grapple with some pretty hard stuff. My #mum, who has a brain injury, wasn't doing very well and was often #depressed. Then in the new year of 2016 she attempted #suicide. It was whilst my mum spent a few weeks in the psychiatric hospital that I actually began #writing Repeating History, #book one in the series.

If you've not read the series yet then you won't know, but Andrew, our leading man, his mum suffers from #depression and has tried to kill herself on two separate occasions, both around the #holidays. As I was #writing, how I felt about my mum was put into Andrew's #character. All my #anger, #pain, #sadness. My #fear. All of it.

Who is your favourite character in the series?

It's difficult to answer that to be honest. I love Andrew, perhaps because I relate to his #pain so much. I love how he hides behind jokes and #humour. Even in his worst moments, I find it so easy to #love him. But I also have a soft spot for Maya, Andrew's sister. I love how completely #random and #whimsical she is. And I love how much her two big brothers want to protect her.

#Bullying is a key #theme in this series. How do you try to deal with that in a healthy way?

Andrew #bullied Clara in #school. That's the horrid #history that they have to face as #adults. Most kids at some point in their school #experience will face #bullying. It's horrible and can have an awful effect on mental health and self esteem. I was bullied as a kid, so I could totally relate to Clara. I can't imagine anything worse than finding out that the boy who bullied me at school is now my #work #colleague. No matter how old you get, the past is still there. But I didn't want that pain to be something that was just one sided. As awful as bullying is for the victim, I also wanted to show that not everything is as clear cut as we often think. Andrew, like every bully, had reasons for his behaviour. It didn't excuse it. Didn't make it right or okay. But that's reality. All the shitty things we do and all the hurtful words we use, they're all caused by something, usually our own pain.

I also wanted to show that there are #consequences. Andrew has to face the consequences of his childhood bullying, when the girl he bullied ends up being the woman he falls in love with. Fate likes to fuck with us, lol.

When did you realise you wanted to be an author?

I've always loved writing but I never thought it would be my life's ambition or anything. I thought it was a hobby. That is until I started publishing. I still don't really make anywhere near enough to live off my royalties alone and don't see that changing any time soon. I'm happy having a day job or whatever, so long as I get to keep time for my books.

What time of day do you find it easiest to write?

I'm a total night owl. I could stay up all night and sleep all day, but then my routine goes all out of sync. So as much as my writing flows better later at night. It's better if I can write in the afternoon.

The History Series is a Second Chance Romance but what other genres do you write?

A huge chunk of my #books are #British #Contemporary #Romances but I also have some #Reverse #Harems, #Fantasy, #Paranormal and #Organised #Crime, #Dark #Romances. There's something for everyone.

Do you have a tag line?

"British author with a world inside her head that insists on being put to paper."

What do you plan to write next?

I'm currently working on two #stories, Flip A Coin and INSTINCT. Flip A Coin is the first of my #Organised #Crime #series and can be read as a #serial on #Radish. INSTINCT is a #dark #pnr #romance about #Vampires. After that I will be returning to my #Contemporary #Reverse #Harem #Rock #Star #series, Lust & Lyrics with All Mine.

What are you currently reading?

I'm actually doing a little market #research right now. I've been #reading on #Radish to try and get a grapple with what the #readers on there like to #read and how best to go about publishing on this new to me platform.

Do your books carry a message to your readers?

I try to write something that will not only entertain but inspire and hopefully help my readers. I want them to take something from what I write. I write a little note to my readers at the beginning of most of my books, telling them what I hope they will gain from the book. So, the rules series was all about realising that you should set your own rules and expectations and not live by someone else's. But it was also about realising that those rules should be fluid and amendable, and sometimes even breakable.

With the History series I wanted my readers to realise that although you can't change the past, you can't delete it or hide from it, you can learn and grow from it. That fucked up past that we all have is what makes us us.

The Intimacy Series was about understanding that love and intimacy comes at a price. There's a risk involved but if you find the right person, they'll be worth the risk. The Fate Series was a bit of a wish or a hope. My hope that my readers would find a love that is so good it must be fated. That might be wishful thinking, but I'm a dreamer.

Book four, A History in Paris, is a little different to the rest of the series. Tell us about it.

A History In Paris isn't a Happy Ever After sort of story. It's reality. Too often love isn't built to last but the failed loves of the past lead us to the true love that's waiting for us. This book follows Clara's parents as they fall in love and have children before divorcing. It doesn't end happily as anyone who has read the rest of the series already knows, but that doesn't make their love any less beautiful.

The History Series is a complete series so if you hate waiting for the next book in a series, this is a great series for you. It would be great if you'd one click it today!

You can either purchase each book individually or purchase them all together in a box set for slightly less money.

This series is perfect for you if you enjoy second chance office romances and if you love your sex scenes hot, and your love mixed with heartache and humour.

The History Series will be available on Radish from September onward.

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