A Sneak Peek of Lupine: Pigs Might Fly

I've been working on Lupine: Pigs Might Fly amongst other things... If you don't know, Lupine: Pigs Might Fly is my contribution to the Into The Dark Charity Anthology that will be releasing this summer.

🐺 Found Family

🐺 Magical Mayhem

🐺 Reverse Harem

🐺 Mafia Romance

🐺 PNR Small Town

Camden’s POV

“You’re not my dad!” Castalia is screaming at the top of her lungs. “You’re… You’re…”

She struggles to find the words and I consider making a few suggestions. But really none of the words I want to suggest are suitable for her ears. And Lupine would definitely murder me if I encouraged any of the children to swear.

Wren and Enzo are sitting at the kitchen table, both of them struggling to hold in their snickers. When did they become friends? I’m not sure I like that.

“I might not be your dad, but I’m still in charge right now.” I try to sound serious and authoritative. Where is Lupine? I’m really not the best at the disciplinary stuff. Enzo or Wren could help. If they could pull their heads out of their arses for a second, that is.

“I want to go out with Amon!” I swear there’s something wrong with her voice. It should not go that high. It can’t possibly be natural.

“It’s too late.” Why am I even trying? This isn’t my responsibility. “It’s already nine o’clock.”

“Amon wants to catch the last showing at the cinema.”

“Where is Amon?” I ask.

When I came to live with Lupine at the orphanage she runs, it hadn’t seemed like a bad idea to have such a big family. All the children in the orphanage are practically family to Lupine. She loves them. Then again, when they’re not pranking us, they’re pretty easy to love.

But now that Amon and Castalia are dating… It’s got me thinking about what we’ll do when our little Luna wants a boyfriend. We’re quite a long way off that, but it’s still a concern. I don’t like the idea of Castalia with Amon. He’s definitely a bad influence on her.

She pauses for a second. “He said he’d meet me there. He’s getting the bus from his academy.”

“Wait. So he wants us to let you walk to cinema on your own?” I cross my arms stubbornly as I mutter under my breath, “some gentleman.”

The glare Castalia is giving me makes it obvious that she’s heard me but I don’t feel guilty. I like Amon but I don’t like Amon with Castalia. It’s bizarre. I have no idea where this paternal need to protect the irritating witch has come from.

I mean she’s not really annoying. At least not when she isn’t turning the whole town into farmyard animals.

“You! You’re a…”

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