A Day In The Life

Have you ever wondered what exactly I do all day? Well, in the interest of easing your curiosity, I've decided to tell you...

9 am - in the UK at least

I wake up... and usually weigh myself before getting ready for the day. I'm on a diet so I'm pretty obsessed with my weight right now. I usually do a quick social check and respond to any new messages or whatnot on Instagram and Facebook.

10 am

Pulling out my laptop, I settle in to write a blog post. Today's post is a #character #profile of Armel from Kumari's Kitsune. I have a great time fangirling over him.

10:30 am

I'm half starved and have completely forgotten to eat my breakfast so I head to the kitchen, grabbing a yoghurt, some fruit and a glass of OJ.

10:45 am

As much as it bores me, I tell myself I need to schedule some social posts on Insta, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I try to post live as much as possible but find it helps to have a few posts scheduled in advance too. While working on this I find it super hard not to get distracted with Facebook...

11:45 am

Boredom has fully set in now and I've had enough so I close down my tabs and turn the kettle on for a cup of tea. I am British after all.

11:56 am

I ask myself if I'm ready to write a chapter... but then I remind myself that I'll be wanting to eat my lunch soon so now might not be the best time to start. So, instead, I chill out and do some time wasting on Social instead.

12:00 pm

I make my first trip to the fridge, thinking about what I'm going to have for lunch today.

12:07 pm

I return to the fridge. I'm getting hungry but don't have a clue what I actually want to eat.

12:15 pm

I want someone else to feed me...

12:20 pm

I try to distract myself by checking my sales tracker... and find out how many people have pre-ordered Flip A Coin. Answer not many... Sad face.

12:30 pm

I settle for a baby spinach salad and turn the news on because the Brexit countdown is on.

1:00 pm

I tell myself I absolutely must write a chapter... but decide to write a newsletter email first.

1:45 pm

Finally, I decide to write a chapter but sit with a blank computer screen for at least twenty minutes...

2:07 pm

I decide to put some washing on since the words aren't coming.

2:15 pm

Pulling out pen and paper, I finally write that chapter... It's slow, tedious work but when I decide to write a second chapter, that one comes quicker.

4:00 pm

It's time for a break... I'm craving chocolate so I take a quick walk to the shop.

4:13 pm

When I get back, I return to my laptop and check my to do list to see what I haven't done yet. I decide I should do a little bit of editing...

But I don't get a chance to start because it starts to rain... and I have to run outside to bring in my washing.

6:00 pm

Time for dinner and I decide to stop working for the day... No doubt, I'll end up back on social media later so I need to take a break from all this screen time.

8:00 pm

I end up on Instagram, checking my insights even though I told myself to try and stay offline.

8:10 pm

TV time... I start to get ready for bed and curl up watching some tv.

10:30 pm

I tell myself I should actually sleep early so that I can get up early tomorrow but it is easier said than done and it's well after midnight when I finally fall asleep.

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