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Dark Romance

Organised Crime is a Dark Romance Series focusing on the lives and loves of those who don't believe they can be saved. The protagonists are broken, ruthless and downright deadly. You might even say they're monsters. Love might not save them or change their fate, but it may just let them go out in a blaze of glory.

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"If fate was a two-sided coin, I chose tails so Emily could win heads."

When Mob Boss, Olivia Dixon's twin sister Emily suddenly goes missing, Olivia is hellbent on not just rescuing her but destroying the people responsible, no matter who that ends up being.


A guilt-ridden Olivia is convinced that they've got the wrong sister. After all, Emily's life is pretty tame by comparison. Instead of working with knives and guns, she teaches five-year-olds kids how to spell.


In a last-ditch attempt to find her, Olivia takes her sister's place; at work, with friends and perhaps more importantly even in Emily's husband's bed.

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