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Book One in the Solar Mates Multi-Author Series

The only men I’ve ever wanted are Slash, Ajax, and Draikh. There’s just one catch. They’re three famous rock stars, and they don’t know I exist.

The moment I heard Not a Vampire play, I fell in love. Not just with their music, but with three members of the band.

Keyboardist Slash, drummer Ajax, and bassist Draikh have become my obsession—but I’m just another screaming fan.

When I finally meet my rock star idols face to face, I discover that the stage effects they use aren’t actually illusions. Can I handle a dragon shifter, a mage, and a blue alien with extra limbs?

Saturn is a free prequel in the Solar Mates Series set in the Silver Springs shared universe and comes complete with a happily-ever-after. Scroll up to read this fun, quirky romance today.

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“I keep having sex dreams about them.” I drop my forehead on my laptop keyboard and groan. 

“Huh?” my roommate, Venus, asks. She sounds somewhat out of it, which isn’t unusual. When the girl gets bored, she gets really bored. I mean, literally zones out mid-conversation. Mid-studying, mid-lecture. You name it. 

“Earth to Venus.” I snort at my own joke and swivel around in my chair to face her. 

She’s sitting cross-legged on her bed with a huge mythology textbook on her lap. Her eyes are slightly glazed. Not that I blame her. I tried taking a mythology class and dropped out in the second week. Then again, I’ve tried every college major under the sun—no pun intended—and they’ve all been boring, too. Even astronomy sucks, and the observatory is literally my favorite place on campus. Only reason I haven’t dropped out is that I’ve got nothing better to do—other than have dream sex with hot rock stars, that is. 

“Sorry, Saturn. What were we talking about?” Venus asks. 

“Not a Vampire.” I gesture at one of the band posters hanging over my bed.

“Are you excited about tonight?” 

“I still can’t believe they’re coming to our campus.” I squeal, and my cheeks flush at the thought of seeing them live in concert for the second time. “I can’t stop thinking about them. And the sex dreams I keep having…” I fan myself, which is explanation enough. 

“Well, I mean they are hot.” Venus shrugs. “Especially the one with the guitar.”

“Chett Steele? I don’t dream about him.” I snort. “I mean, I guess he’s hot. And the whole Djinn thing, where he makes fan wishes come true, is kind of cool. Like, I know the band probably looks people up on social media before the concert or plants them in the audience to make it look like magic…” I trail off when I realize Venus has zoned out again. “Forget about Chett Steele. He’s never even been in one of my dreams. They have.”

I point at the posters of the three hot-as-sin rockstar gods. Keyboardist Slash Lyndon with his smoldering gaze. Bassist Draikh Roman with that heart-stopping grin. And Drummer Ajax Lennox winking at the camera. 

I let out a sigh filled with longing and turn to one of the posters of the entire band. Ajax has drumsticks floating all around him, as if by magic. Holograms, obviously. Slash has his skin painted blue, and is playing three keyboards at once—with six arms. Next-level robotics. And Draikh is jumping through a holographic ring of fire while rocking out on his bass guitar.

The other two members are there, too, of course. But I barely pay any attention to guitarist Chett Steele and lead singer Damien Starr. They’re amazing musicians, and obviously good-looking, but next to the other three men, they just can’t compare.

I go back to mooning over them when Venus sighs. “I’m a little jealous. I can’t really remember my dreams. Which isn’t all that surprising, I guess. My memory sucks.”

“Did you get the MRI results?” I hold my breath. 

“I did. But don’t worry. Nothing showed up. I’m relieved… but I also want answers.” 

“Has the new therapist helped?”

“Nope. I still can’t remember anything that happened before college.” 

“I’m so sorry, Venus.” I can’t imagine not remembering my childhood or my hometown. If it were me, I’d be totally freaking out, but she seems to just shrug it off. 

“Enough about me. Tell me about your sex dreams. I could use the distraction.”

“That I can do.” I smile as I play with the Not a Vampire bracelet I haven’t taken off in close to a year. It’s a brown, leather strap with the band’s bat-shaped logo burned into it, and it’s identical to the bracelets all five band members wear. 

“The dreams always start when I’m at last year’s concert. Not a Vampire is playing Planets in Your Eyes, even though that song wasn’t even out yet, and then I’m suddenly on stage with Ajax, Draikh, and Slash.” I let out a dreamy sigh. “They still have all their special effects, but in the dream, they’re all real. Slash still has six arms, and Draikh…” I trail off, since my roommate’s already zoned out again. “How about I just pull up their latest concert?” 

I open the video and turn my laptop so Venus can see. It zooms in on the band, and my heart starts to race. Warmth spreads through me as Damien Starr begins to sing. It’s not his voice. Or the man himself. He’s extremely talented, but I’m not attracted to the lead singer practically every other fan is obsessed with. Instead, I’m picturing Ajax, Draikh, and Slash singing those words. To me.

“Knock knock!” Neptune, who lives a few floors down, calls from the doorway. “Hey Red, hey Rings.” 

“Hey, Blue.” 

It’s a little joke Neptune and I came up with when we realized all three of us are named after planets: Venus the Red Planet, Neptune the Blue Planet, and Saturn with its rings. 

“Venus?” Neptune prods, but my roommate’s face is blank and her eyes are completely glazed over as she stares at my laptop.

“I don’t know how anyone can zone out during Not a Vampire.” I smile wistfully as they go into the chorus. 

“Is that Planets in Your Eyes?” Neptune asks.

“Are you a fan?” I squeal. 

“Definitely! But I’d turn that off. I don’t think Venus is.” 

I close the video, and my roommate finally comes back to earth. 

“Weren’t you telling me about your sex dream?” she asks me before spotting our guest. “Neptune? What are you doing here?”

“I’m taking a study break.” Neptune turns to me. “So, sex dream, huh, Rings?”