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Revised Rules

Book Three of the Rules Series

He loves the idea that he's corrupted an angel. She's not an angel. She's not perfect but there's no telling him that.

Control is often fleeting, easily stolen and fun to lose. Secrets are kept and lies are hidden, as they try to fit into each other's worlds. Who will come out on top in their fight for dominance?

Now that they are together they try to put their rules behind them but it might be easier said than done. Living together so early on in their relationship seemed like a great idea when Aurora first moved in, but a few weeks in they are beginning to realise that they both have flaws. Aurora still hasn't told her parents that she is living with Landon, much to his irritation and Landon is distracted with the running of his father's company and life just continues to get even more complicated.

Neither one of them feels in control of what's happening around them. Together, they realise just how intense it can be when the person you love is giving you that control, and that losing control can be even more exhilarating when you lose it together.

Can this British Bad Boy and Pretty English Socialite give up the control they both crave or will they destroy each other with it?

Revised Rules is the third book in a four book complete Billionaire Romance Series from USA Today Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley.

"These books just keep getting better and better, so much so, that I devoured this book in less than a day!!!" - Bloggers Down Under

Fans of the Rules series can read a special bonus epilogue on Hanleigh's Patreon.
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A+ Broken Rules-1.jpg

As I enter the apartment, I know instantly that I am not alone.

I can feel it; there is a tension ripe in the air. It is an electricity I have come to know well. It is the current that underlies every conversation we have. It is present in every look of his eye and every touch of his skin.

The feelings that tension inspires are addictive and the knowledge that I am not alone leaves me with an urgency to see him, touch him, have him inside me.

I am not alone.

It is a big apartment. Five thousand square feet and yet I can sense his presence the instant I walk through the door.

The apartment is far bigger than the one I lived in less than a month ago, the one my parents bought for me when I started my English Literature degree. They still think I live there with Tallulah and Cameron, my best friends. I have yet to work up the courage to tell them that I’ve moved in with my boyfriend after only knowing him a couple of weeks.

Although they both like Landon, I can imagine just what my mother, Michelle Stone would have to say on the subject. 

She is a very opinionated and headstrong woman with a clear view of right and wrong, black and white with completely no room for grey.

It’s a shame really; grey is my favourite colour.

I worked hard all my life to keep every rule in the Stone family rule book until I met Landon and everything changed.

I changed.

He gives me the confidence to break the rules I’ve only ever dreamt of breaking before.

Landon doesn’t like it though. He thinks I’m ashamed or something, that I think what we are doing is wrong. He doesn’t understand.

He keeps bringing it up, trying to talk me into telling them, but it’s alright for him. He’s told his mum, but she’s not like my mother. Lauren just smiled at him and told him to be happy as if that was her only care in the world. There is no way Michelle Stone’s reaction could ever be that one dimensional.

I make my way through the apartment following that palpable tension that I have only ever felt with Landon.

It is unusual for him to make it home before me. He is the CEO of his own advertising company; TRW Advertising, one of the biggest in the country. He’s also recently taken over his family’s business; P and P Incorporative.

I’ve barely seen him in the last week as he’s been working late at the office, getting a grasp on what his father’s company does exactly. From what I understand it is a combination of medical research and computer tech stuff. Things that Landon admits himself are not within his niche of the market.

He tried to convince his father to hand the company over to Ayden, Landon’s younger brother, but Alistair Peters has refused repeatedly. Unbeknown to Landon or Ayden it turned out that their mother, Lauren Peters had been having an ongoing affair with their father’s friend and business associate Thomas Thorpe and Ayden was, in fact, Thorpe’s son, not Alistair’s.

It transpires that Alistair has known for a couple of years, choosing to overlook it, but when he fell fatally ill with a brain tumour, Alistair had taken it upon himself to inform the whole family.

I pity Lauren. As wrong as she was to have slept with her husband’s friend, her story is painful, and I can sort of understand how she’d fallen into the trap she had, although the idea of cheating on Landon seems like an impossibility to me. But then Landon is nothing like his father and. They might look alike and Landon might be just as stubborn, but that’s where all similarity ends.

I make my way up the stairs to a part of the apartment that is less often used.

The door to his study is open. His back is t me as he stands looking out the window, speaking into his mobile. The muscles in his back are tense, and I can tell from his posture that all his focus is on his work. He hasn’t noticed me yet.

I love the moments where I can watch him unnoticed. He’s a sight to behold, like a thunderstorm on the beach, commanding and devastating in his ability to take control of everything around him including me.

'Make sure Catherine has everything organised for tomorrow’s interviews,' Landon is saying authoritatively.

His dark grey suit fits him perfectly; probably Armani. Most of his suits are Armani.

His navy tie is slung over the back of the chair behind his desk. The sight of it there makes me blush. I chose that tie this morning. I chose it, imagining him coming home and tying me to the bed with it so that he could fuck me into oblivion. The memory tickles me.

He turns to face me, gives me a blinding smile, the sort that very rarely makes it onto his face. Those smiles are reserved for me and me alone.

I’ve seen the smiles he shares with others; they are nothing by comparison. They are an extension of the corporate mask that’s usually painted on his face, instead of the pure happiness that he gives me in his smile. They are like weak interpretations of a natural Italian speaker or a poor imitation of an oil paint masterpiece.

He continues his conversation with his assistant, his eyes focused solely on me. The tension in his shoulders is gone.

'And Lisa, cancel my six o’clock for tomorrow. Make reservations at Thorpe’s. I’m taking Aurora out for dinner instead. I’ve been neglecting her.'

I shake my head, silently telling him I understand that he’s been busy with work, but the granite look in his greyish green eyes tells me it’s non-negotiable. He’s missed me too.

His eyes don’t leave mine as he finishes his call. He doesn’t so much as take a step towards me as he puts his phone down on his desk quietly.

His actions are so precise and controlled, and I’m in awe because when I’m near him, all my control disappears.