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Lupine: Wanted by Wolves

Book Two in Lupine: Spell Library

My birth started a war that my daughter's birth will end... Does that even make sense to you?

There is no such thing as a 'normal day' at the Silver Springs Orphanage. In fact, most days are utter chaos between the Creepy Twins giving away all of Lupine's secrets and Edmond constantly running away.

But when Lupine's wolf mafia mates decide to throw her a baby shower she'll never forget, the normally well-managed chaos suddenly erupts and disaster strikes.

The spell protecting Lupine and her unborn pup suddenly stops working and all hell lets loose when the Rossi mafia come looking for her in the small town of Silver Springs.

Lupine: Wanted by Wolves is a sequel to Lupine, a paranormal mafia royalty reverse harem romance from USA Today Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley and is written within the Silver Springs shared universe.

Fans of Lupine can read a special bonus story on Hanleigh's Patreon.
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A+ Broken Rules-1.jpg

“Lupine’s pregnant!”

Panic sweeps through me as I stare at Camden. This isn’t how I’d hoped he would find out. In the few weeks that have passed since I found out about my pregnancy, I’ve been thinking up all the amazing ways I could tell my four mates.

And this definitely didn’t make the list.

“Lupine?” Camden’s eyes are practically bulging out of their sockets as he stares back at me.

“Er—” Fuck sake! Why couldn’t the creepy twins keep their mouths shut, just this one time? Don’t they have any idea when to keep their damned mouths closed? I mean seriously… She’s supposed to be psychic, surely, she can tell when it’s in her best interest to stay quiet.

Larissa looks pleased with herself; the bloody brat. It’s not surprising that she knows, her and her sister have that creepy psychic thing going on, but I would have thought she’d have the good manners not to mention it.

I guess I should be grateful she’s only told Camden and not the whole orphanage.

“Lupine!” Camden is growing impatient and the grin on Larissa’s face makes it pretty clear, she thinks this has gotten her off the hook. If I’m dealing with this, I can’t possibly tell her off for breaking Evangeline’s barbie doll.

“Larissa,” I say, momentarily ignoring my mate.

As shocked as he must feel, he’s going to have to wait. I can’t just let Larissa get away with this. What would Mrs Mackney say?

“Yes Piney?” She’s giving me an innocent look as if she thinks I’m going to just ask her to leave the room to give us some privacy. And for the first time, I question her psychic abilities.

“You’re grounded,” I begin.

Her eyes widen in horror before beginning to water. The girls of the Silver Springs orphanage have definitely got the manipulative water works down to an art, but unlike all the other adults that live or work here, I don’t fall for it.

“You will help Jacqueline with chores until you have made enough pocket money to replace the doll you broke.”

She shouldn’t be surprised, but she clearly is, and I feel proud of myself that I’ve managed to catch her off guard.

“Yes Lupine,” she quickly agrees, probably hoping that that’s the end of it.

“You will also write a letter of apology,” I begin, but she quickly grumbles that she doesn’t want to in a way not dissimilar to how I used to whenever Mrs Mackney made me write a letter.

“I will not take no for an answer,” I tell her in my sternest voice. “You will write one letter to Evangeline, apologizing for ruining her doll, and one to both Camden and me, for telling him that I’m pregnant.”

“Three letters?” She looks up at me pleadingly.

“Three letters,” I confirm. “Now go help Jacqueline in the kitchen before I find you something else to do.”

She scurries out of the room, desperate not to get even more punishments added to her list and I return my attention to my mate. Camden’s eyebrows are furrowed and the corners of his mouth are turned down in what I presume is disapproval. Although, I’m not sure what at; that Larissa told him that I’m pregnant before I did, or the fact that I’m pregnant in general…

It’s very early days. I certainly didn’t plan to fall pregnant so early on. Hell, I only know because Evanora, the witch in the woods, told me so. We’d all have remained happily ignorant for at least a few more weeks.

Well, except for the dreams.

I’ve been dreaming about my baby for weeks and each night the dreams grow even more vivid. I haven’t told Camden and the others about the dreams, though. And that’s probably a good thing, given Camden’s reaction to the news of my pregnancy. He’s clearly freaking out.

“You’re pregnant?” he asks as soon as we’re left alone.

The house is surprisingly quiet. Wren, Rehan and Kalen have taken most of the children to the park, leaving me to deal with Larissa. Or that had been the plan. I had intended to have a brief conversation with her about the doll and the matter would have been over and done with.

But nope. Nothing ever goes to plan and now I’m standing here, wondering how the hell I’m supposed to explain this to him. It’s not like I’ve done a pregnancy test or anything. I’m just trusting the word of a really old, crazy witch who lives in the woods.


“And you didn’t think you should tell us?” He snarls at me.

I’m surprised by the waves of anger coming off him. It’s not like him; he’s usually a big softie. Not that you’d know that to look at him. His hair is on the slightly longer side and regularly falls into his face. His dark eyes look haunted, as if the idea of me being pregnant terrifies him.

“I—I haven’t known long,” I say defensively.

“How long?”

“Evanora told me when she rescued me in the woods.”

“So, a few weeks then,” Camden is saying as he paces back and forth. “You’ve known for a few weeks?”

“I—” The way he says the word ‘weeks’ makes it seem far worse than the way it sounds in my mind. This whole thing is crazy. I’ve only known my mates for a few months. I really wasn’t ready to deal with being pregnant on top of having four mates and finding out I was the princess of some wolf mafia.

You’d think Camden would be more understanding that this isn’t exactly a normal situation.

“You should have told us.” He’s pulling out his phone, typing something on it before returning his attention to me. “We needed to know.”

“I was planning—”

“It’s dangerous, Lupine!” He’s no longer listening to me and it infuriates me. I’m not stupid; I know that we’re all in danger. But our entire lives don’t have to be turned upside down because of a little prophecy.

I’d like to at least announce my pregnancy normally—You know, with balloons or an ultrasound or something cutsie like other people do.

“The others are on their way back,” he says coolly.

“You told them?” I ask, close to tears. I’m struggling to keep my temper under control. I wanted to tell them myself. I’ve been working my way up to it for weeks, terrified how they might react, but excited all the same. Where does he get off taking the opportunity to tell them away from me? He’s no better than Larissa.

Without waiting for his reply, I storm from the room, too angry to continue this conversation and perhaps just a little bit hormonal.

“LUPINE!” He calls me back, but I ignore him as I rush up the stairs and into my bedroom.