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Flip A Coin

Book One of the Utterly Betrayed Series.

If fate was a two-sided coin, I chose tails so Emily could win heads.

When Mob Boss, Olivia Dixon's twin sister Emily suddenly goes missing, Olivia is hellbent on not just rescuing her but destroying the people responsible, no matter who that ends up being.

A guilt-ridden Olivia is convinced that they've got the wrong sister. After all, Emily's life is pretty tame by comparison. Instead of working with knives and guns, she teaches five-year-old kids how to spell.

In a last ditch attempt to find her, Olivia takes her sister's place; at work, with friends and perhaps more importantly even in Emily's husband's bed.

She's not your average girl. Olivia is a female mob boss in Flip A Coin, a mafia romance, from USA Today Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley.

"Flip A Coin is a suspenseful novel with several twists, and I quickly became engrossed in the story." - Behind Closed Doors Book Reviews

Fans of the Utterly Betrayed Series can read a special bonus epilogue on Hanleigh's Patreon.

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A+ Broken Rules-1.jpg

‘I was just on the phone with her,’ I say. ‘What do you mean she’s missing?’

I barely hear my uncle as he tells me that my twin sister is not only missing; she’s possibly dead. It’s hard to process the information because it doesn’t make sense. Only thirty minutes ago, she was telling me that her life was practically perfect, fucking rosy as shit, or what not.

It’s illogical.

If anything, he should be telling my sister this news. Not me. It’s me that should be rotting at the bottom of a river somewhere. In fact, I’ve nearly been thrown into the Thames twice already and I’m only twenty-five.

Twenty-five and running the biggest organised crime mafia in Europe.

I’m not your average twenty-something but Emily is. She lives a perfectly normal life, far away from our family business. It doesn’t make sense. She’s married. I didn’t go to the wedding, hellbent on keeping her world as far away from mine as possible.

That was always the deal.

The ultimatum that coincided with my agreement. I’ll learn the family business if Emily can go to school in the States. When Dad had his heart attack… I’ll take over the business if they keep Emily out of it.

That was always the demand that followed my concessions. I offered my imprisonment for Emily’s freedom.

We might be the same age, but I’ve always been her big sister in all but age. It was me who protected her from bullies in primary school. Me who shielded her eyes, the first time we saw someone murdered.

And yet somewhere along the way, I failed and now the kid sister I always protect is missing.

I try to rationalise the information and decide what to do. I need to be proactive. I need to do something. Anything. But there’s nothing I can do from here.

I don’t even know where Emily lives. In a desperate attempt to stop myself ever trying to visit her, I practically cut her off, except for our monthly phone calls. All in the name of saving her from this shit.

‘Where is she living these days?’ I ask my uncle, the one I tasked with her protection.

‘London,’ he replies in a voice that suggests he knows I’ll be angry.


It’s not the fact that she’s been a hair’s distance away that bothers me, but rather that we’re identical fucking twins and there’s a huge chance I’m the reason they’ve taken her.

On the bright side, at least I don’t need to take a plane to get there.

‘Text the address,’ I demand.

‘What are you going to do?’ he asks, even though he knows he shouldn’t. It’s not his place to question me.

I don’t answer immediately. Truth is, I have no fucking clue what I will do. Only that I must do something.

‘Her husband is distraught,’ he continues, ‘and he doesn’t even know Emily has a sister, let alone a mob boss for a twin.’

‘Fuck that,’ I reply. Like I care that he is hurting. He’s not the only one. 

‘The address. NOW.’

Those around me are startled by the sudden rise in my voice. It’s not often I lose my composure. Taking a deep, calming breath, I say to God knows who to ready my car. They’re obviously surprised. This meeting shouldn’t be postponed; it’s time sensitive.

But I don’t give a fuck.

Turning to Jax, my second, I tell him to take charge. He hides his surprise better than the others. Then again, nothing gets past him. We’ve been friends our whole lives, thrust together by our mobster parents. Tradition decided our roles long before either of us were even walking.

Except that’s not strictly true. His was determined for him. I chose mine. If fate was a two-sided coin, I chose tails so Emily could win heads.

Like all things in life though, you can’t fool fate, the evil bitch that’s hellbent on fucking us all over.

Without another word, I leave the conference room, regardless of the deal I’ve been working on for months or the contract sitting on the table waiting to be signed. It doesn’t matter that this is the deal that will make it possible for us to go legit. Nothing matters. Not if Emily is in danger.

I’d do much worse things than sell arms, or drugs even, to save my sister.

Artie, my driver and bodyguard, is waiting for me in the lobby, twirling the car key on his finger. As I approach, he nods his head respectfully and straightens so that he’s not leaning on the marble pillar behind him.

‘Where to?’ he asks nonchalantly. Anyone else would get a wallop around the back of the head for that tone, not Art though. He’s taken a bullet for me and it’s amazing what sort of affinity that can create.

Flinging my phone into his hand, I stride towards the glass doors that lead out to the street and my waiting Merc.