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Enforced Rules

Book Two of the Rules Series

Aurora makes him want to break every rule he's ever made. She threatens to steal his control. A one night stand with CEO bad boy and all round "manwhore" Landon Peters will change Aurora's life, if she'll take a risk and break some rules.

She's under his skin, in his mind and pushing her way into his heart. She sees more than he wants her to.

Landon doesn't do vulnerable. He doesn't do weak. And that's exactly what she makes him. She's got him completely at her mercy.

Landon's world is unravelling fast and with control out of his reach, he might just push to enforce his rules in a desperate attempt to reclaim the control he craves. He told Aurora he would help her break her rules but he hadn't planned on it being at the expense of his own.

But will his need for control prove too much for Aurora, a young woman trying to break free.

Can this British bad boy and pretty English socialite balance their need for control or will their relationship fail before it even really begins?

Enforced Rules is the second book in a four book complete Billionaire Romance Series from USA Today Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley.

"The sex scenes are smoking hot and I love how assertive Aurora has become! I just love this series and can't wait to read the next book!" - Behind Closed Doors

Fans of the Rules series can read a special bonus epilogue on Hanleigh's Patreon.
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A+ Broken Rules-1.jpg

Hours later, I’m standing outside with Abby, chastising her for not having quit smoking already.

Every time a limo pulls up, I wonder if Aurora is the one sitting inside it. I wonder if she will bring a date. I wonder if she’ll look sad. I wonder all sorts of things.

So far, Abby hasn’t asked too many questions, but I know it won’t last long.

We’re laughing at something insignificant when I see another limo arrive. No one is getting out, and it reminds me of the night that Aurora and I had sex in my limo. I have to stop my thoughts before my body reacts. She’s not even here, and she’s affecting me.

I turn away from the limo slightly, trying to distract myself, but when I hear the door open, I know straight away that it’s her. I can feel it in the air. It’s like electricity. I want to run up to her and kiss her, but I’m scared she’ll slap me.

One glance tells me she looks amazing.

Another glance tells me her dress is green.

A third glance tells me if I made her cry then she’s hiding it well.

A fourth tells me she has no intentions of acknowledging me. A fifth shows me what it feels like to be the man that Aurora Stone walks away from and I don’t like it.

I don’t like it at all. I’m breathing hard, fighting for control and Abby’s noticed.

'So…' Her eyebrows are raised, and she has a cheeky smile. 

'Which one?' she asks. 'Green or blue?'


'Which dress?' she asks me with a knowing smirk. 'In fact, don’t tell me… let me guess.'

I moan, 'Please drop this.'

'The green?'

I shake my head, but she clearly reads me better than most people because she smiles and says, 'green it is… So, what’s her name?'

'Aurora Stone,' I say quietly. I lead Abby into the function room and frown when I notice my mother stood talking to Aurora and her sister.

I can hear my mother saying, 'she’s dating my son, Landon.'

Michelle Stone is surprised, I can tell that much from the look on her face.

'Speaking of my son, here he is now. Landon!'

I guide Abby over to the group. It’s awkward, and Aurora’s mum is frowning. She can’t compile the information she’s been given. If I’m dating her daughter, who is the girl on my arm, I can see the questions in her eyes, and I know that if I ever wanted Michelle Stone to support my relationship with her daughter, I am fucking it up royally.


I kiss her on the cheek. I don’t really know what to do. Aurora’s friends look confused too, so she’s not told them anything. Aileen, on the other hand, is giving me a death glare.

Aileen drags Aurora away with the pretence of drinks. Once they’ve gone, mum turns to Abby.

'Oh, hello darling. It has been too long. Couldn’t talk Ayden into coming out tonight?'

'No,' Abby smiles, 'he’s studying.'

They’ve dated on and off for years now, it isn’t serious, but right now from what I understand they are on.

Mum turns to Michelle.

'Abby was close friends with Melody.'

'Ah, of course,' and the ice queen melts slightly. She’s still not sure about what’s going on, but her compassion wins out in the moment.

'Abby and my youngest son, Ayden have a bit of a complicated romantic history.'

'Quite,' Abby laughs. 'I’d describe it as far worse than complicated. We make complicated look easy.'

I’m distracted. I’m sure Michelle Stone has noticed. I’m practically staring at the bar where Aurora is standing with her sister.

Michelle tries to engage me in conversation.

'So, what do you do Landon?'

'I’m in advertising,' I say politely. 'I’m the CEO of my own advertising firm… In fact, my firm is responsible for Stone Publishing’s advertisements.'

'Really?' She is smiling now. 'That must be interesting work.'

'I enjoy it.' I nod.

A part of me wants this woman to like me, even though her daughter seems to hate me now. She’s doing shots at the bar while I make small talk with our mothers. It’s completely ridiculous.

Michelle follows my line of sight and frowns. She’s not pleased. I decide to distract her; I’d do anything to protect her daughter.

'Are you enjoying this evening so far? It seems you have a good turn out.'

'Indeed.' Michelle grins. 'I’m delighted. Everything is going perfectly… Although I better not say that too loud. Wouldn’t want to jinx it.'

'What were you both doing at the bar for so long? Did I see shot glasses?' Michelle questions her daughters when they return a moment or so later.

'Mother really,' Aileen is smirking. 'I very rarely see Rory, and so we thought we’d have a tequila shot to celebrate.'

'What are you celebrating?' Michelle asks automatically.

'Mum!' Aurora shakes her head. 'Neither of us are engaged… You can stop looking for a ring now.'

I want to laugh. Maybe that’s how I can fix this, buy her an expensive ring.

'Oh… Well, stop with suspense.'

Michelle Stone is actually tapping her foot impatiently. I’m struggling to hold back my laughter now.

'I got a job.' Aileen smiles at her mother. 'It’s amazing, perfect in fact.'

'What about Stone?' Michelle is frowning. 'I always hoped—'

'Of course, I will work for Stone eventually,' Aileen concedes, 'but I want to do my own thing for a while. When I finish my degree, I’m moving to LA.'


To say that Michelle Stone is shocked is an understatement. She looks thunderous. Remind me never to talk Aurora into moving abroad.

'Yes.' Got to give Aileen her dues. She’s brave. She handles her mother.

'Well… I don’t know what to say.' Michelle is deliberately obtuse. 'We can discuss it later…'

'Or you could just say congrats.' Aileen grimaces like a child who doesn’t know praise.

'I—I don’t know anything about this job. Come over for dinner next week. We can discuss it then. Now, Aurora, Lauren tells me you and Landon went to dinner at her house last night. Why am I only hearing about this now?'


Aurora is caught off guard. She looks at me briefly. I consider rescuing her, but I want to know what she’s going to say as much as her mother does. She’s frowning. I don’t like it when she frowns. I want to kiss it away.

I don’t get the answer I want though because Aileen comes to her sister’s rescue.