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Ember: Outfoxed

Book Two in Ember: Silver Skates

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A+ Broken Rules-1.jpg

“We need to be quiet,” I whisper into Dominick’s shoulder.

Don’t worry, love, Dominick’s thoughts fill my head. She’ll sleep for several more hours yet.

The sky outside is a grayish silver, just a hint of gold peeking through the low level clouds. It’s still early. Too early for my step-daughter Avery to wake up, but that wouldn’t stop her if she heard us.

Dominick doesn’t seem to be particularly worried about waking his daughter up as he pounds into me, though, causing the bed to bang against the wall.

So much for quiet. “Shush,” I try to chastise him, but it’s impossible to be strict with him when he’s making me feel so good.

Holden and Klaus are both grinning over at me from where they’re lying on the bed next to us. Completely naked, their hands on their dicks as they masturbate to the view of their elder brother fucking their mate.

“If you’re really worried about being quiet,” Klaus begins, “I can cast a privacy spell.”

“Y-yess. Please.” I force the words out as I struggle for control.

Good call, Holden thinks with a smirk. The longer Avery sleeps, the more time we have to fuck.

I can’t say I disagree. Personally, I’d spend the whole day in bed if I could. But I promised Avery I’d take her ice skating. Although that isn’t until this afternoon.

Klaus flicks his wrist towards the door and the second I see the sparks fly from his fingertips, I release the tension I’ve been clinging to. I scream out, calling Dominick’s name, no longer fearful that we might wake Avery.

Dominick grunts his approval. He likes it when I’m vocal. Of course, he knows that isn’t always practical with a toddler in the house. His pace quickens and I reach around him to grasp hold of his bum. Fuck, I love his bum. Then again, there’s not much I don’t love about the three Sterling brothers.

I’m glad, Dominick thinks with a smirk as Holden grumbles that his is better.

I pull him closer, desperate for him to go deeper. “More, please.”

“Whatever you want, love.” He lifts my legs higher, thrusting deeper into me and my toes literally curl at the waves of pleasure that are threatening to overtake me.

Whimpering, I cling to him, allowing my fingernails to dig into his skin as I feel my palms heat up. As a fire kitsune, I should be careful. Before my mates, sex had always been a bit difficult. Not impossible, but not always pleasant. It’s difficult to fully enjoy sex when you’re scared you might burn your sexual partner to a crisp.

But with Dominick, Holden, and Klaus, everything is different. Sure, they feel my heat, but it never seems to burn them. Dominick thinks it’s because they’re my mates, that my magic wouldn’t want to hurt them. But I have no way of knowing if he’s right or not, so I still get nervous when I feel my control falter.

My eyes roll back as I arch up to meet his thrusts. I need to come. I’m desperate now. Reaching between our bodies, I allow my hot fingers to circle my clit. Between the heat and the gentle rubbing, I feel myself get closer and closer to orgasm. Especially when Dominick bucks his hips, thrusting his cock into me with all his might. I’m suddenly surprised when his wings sprout out of his back, spreading out and flapping majestically as we begin to hover off the bed.

My half angel-half witch mates rarely expose their wings to the world, even when it’s just us. I reach across and stroke his wing, enjoying the soft feel of his feathers. I can’t believe we’re practically flying. Dominick doesn’t seem to notice. His thrusts don’t still as he continues his onslaught upon my body, driving into me like a man possessed.

“Fuck,” he grunts.

I cling to him, loving the way his arms surround me, supporting me in midair. I allow my foot to run down the back of his leg, starting from his beautiful firm arse and moving all the way down to his ankle. It’s impossible not to notice the way my touch makes him shiver. Knowing that I affect him just as much as he affects me, I can’t help but smirk.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmurs softly into my ear, before kissing a trail down my neck and swiping his tongue along my collarbone. He doesn’t stop moving within me, ramming into me on repeat. I love the way his dick feels, hard, thick, and long, claiming every inch of me.

My head lulls back as my body convulses in his arms. My body milks his dick, causing him to find his own release, deep inside me. I feel him squirt hot come into me, but he doesn’t stop thrusting, not until the very last quake of my orgasm leaves me.

Then he slowly lowers me back down to the bed, wrapping me tenderly in his wings. They make a surprisingly comfortable pillow, soft and warm against my naked flesh. I could sleep. Yawning, I close my eyes for a fraction of a second.

But my other mates are moving towards me, climbing over the bed.

“You can’t sleep,” Holden says sternly.

“She can if she wants,” Klaus argues. His hand moves to my cheek, and he kisses me on the nose. If you need a break, we can wait.

Klaus is the sweetest of my three mates. Quiet. Gentle. Always thinking about what I need. He’s so easy to love. Holden, his twin, isn’t exactly selfish. Not when it comes to me, at least. He’d give me anything. Absolutely anything. All I’d have to do is ask. But he’s also cheeky and a bit of a smart-mouth. He’s arrogant and demanding and he has the sex drive of an incubus.

And then there’s Dominick. My sensible Dominick. He’s the one that keeps everyone in line. Stern and reliable. And overbearingly protective. He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He makes me feel at home, something that, as an orphan, I know isn’t easy to find.

I don’t need a break, I tell them through our bond.

Holden practically pushes his brothers out of his way as he settles between my thighs. There’s no hesitation with Holden. He flips me over like a rag doll, so I’m on all fours before lining his cock up. His hands on my hips, he thrusts into me.

I push back against his thrusts, matching his pace. It’s crazy to think that I’ve only known these guys for a handful of months. Not quite a year. This time last year, I was just arriving in town, my focus fixed on the world championship.

Then I met them…

And everything changed. Literally everything.

Suddenly I’ve gained a family, four people I love more than anyone else in the world. It’s a foreign sensation. Something I can hardly believe to be true, even after so many months.

In the months after I won the championship, we’ve found a strange sort of routine. We fuck like rabbits every chance we get, but we also have family dinners, and I spend time with my new little step-daughter, Avery. I help the guys at the brewery and I still teach at the rink. And of course, I train with Garrick. I can’t lose my spot at the top.

But mostly, we fuck like bunnies. My guys have stamina. And an almost unquenchable thirst for my cunt. Not that I’m complaining.

I twist slightly, searching for Klaus. Taking hold of his dick, I give it a gentle tug while silently telling him that I want to suck him.

He moves towards me so that I can take him in my mouth, groaning when I wrap my lips around the tip.

“Fuck Ember,” he says harshly. “That feels…” He doesn’t finish what he is saying, letting out another groan as I suck more of him into my mouth, hollowing my cheeks.

I love the effect I have on my mates. It’s only fair after all when they are so adept at making me lose my senses.

There are hands all over me and it’s almost impossible to discern who is touching me where. Dominick is playing with my breasts, tweaking one nipple as he fondles the other. Klaus’s hand is in my hair, encouraging me to take him deeper as he thrusts into my mouth and Holden’s fingers are on my clit, making me see stars.

I don’t know how much more I can take. It’s almost too much. My arms and legs are shaking. I could topple over at any moment from the sheer pleasure of the whole thing. Holden snakes an arm under my stomach, helping to support my weight.

It’s like you read my mind, I tease him, causing him to chuckle.

His thrusts are anything but gentle, and I can feel my orgasm building. It’s so close and yet so unbearably unattainable.