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Dr. Xmas

Book Two in The Holiday Series.

'You're Just Not The Guy For Me.'
Dr. Cameron Barker is back in USA Today Bestselling Author Hanleigh Bradley's brand new Christmas romance.
When Doctor Cameron Barker decides to propose to his long term girlfriend, his biggest fear is that she might not like the ring.
He never even considers all the other things that could go wrong.
What should be the perfect weekend, quickly dissolves into chaos. And somehow, he finds himself in his worst nightmare with his Gracie flinging his words back at him, 'You're just not the guy for me.'
Dr. Xmas would be best read after the rest of the saga especially Call Me Doctor.

Fans of the Holiday series can read special bonus scenes on Hanleigh's Patreon.

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A+ Broken Rules-1.jpg
A+ Broken Rules-1.jpg

‘I’m not the guy for you.’ It’s a sentence I’ve said more times than I can count. It’s fair to say that I said it because I was a complete manwhore, but it was also the truth. I said it because no matter how great the sex was with the women I slept with, it was still only sex.

They would never be the one. I would never be the guy for them.

Even while I was shagging my way through the female population of London, I knew that without a doubt because I’d already met her. The one. I’d already fucked that one royally up.

The women were not Grace Dolton, and so I wasn’t interested in anything more than sex.

Then, by some random act of fate, Grace Dolton came back into my life with a bang and suddenly we were flat mates. I’d been scared to imagine that we could possibly be more than that. I didn’t think I was capable of more. That my heart couldn’t take more.

I was shit scared, out of my mind with fear, but somehow, we ended up together. I guess I said the right thing or something because we’ve spent the last year fucking like bunnies.

Right now, we’re curled up on the sofa in the apartment we share with our friend Theo. For the first time in months, Theo has gone out and so we have the apartment to ourselves. Theo is an author and I swear, when he has a deadline, he becomes a hermit.

A hermit who is particularly attached to this couch. No joke. I’m not even convinced the guy gets up from the couch to sleep and shower.

And then when he finishes a project, he goes out, finds some brunette and brings her back here. Theo and I have a lot in common, or at least we did before I reconnected with Grace. He’s exactly like I was back then.

On the TV in front of us is a couple. It’s supposed to be some Christmas romance film, but the guy is saying those same words I once used to say so often. They sound a lot harsher now, perhaps because it’s been such a long time since I last said them.

Or maybe because I’m just less of an arsehole now.

‘Cameron,’ Grace’s voice cuts into my thoughts, and I blink abruptly before looking down at her.

‘Sorry, Gracie. What were you saying?’

‘Just that Aurora invited us to dinner tomorrow night,’ Grace replies with a small smile.

Aurora is one of my best friends and one of Grace’s work colleagues, and so if she and her husband, Landon, are inviting us to dinner, I’m hardly going to say no.

‘You’re not working, right?’

‘Nope. Got the whole weekend off,’ I tell her with a grin. She has no idea what I have planned for this weekend and I’m not about to tell her either. As a doctor, I had to book the weekend off to guarantee that my plans wouldn’t go up in flames, but Gracie always has the weekend off. She doesn’t have a regular nine-to-five, but close enough.

She teaches at the local high school. Her weekdays start early and end late because Gracie always has work to bring home.

It can be challenging to find time together, often passing like ships in the night or whatever bullshit metaphor fits. The number of times I’ve come home after a night shift at the hospital just in time to fuck Gracie and share a cup of coffee before she heads in to work.

Grace thinks our lives are pretty perfect right now.

‘You’ve got the weekend off?’ She’s surprised because I haven’t told her yet. I had intended not to tell her right up until Saturday morning.

‘Yeah.’ I try to shrug it off. I don’t want to answer her questions about it. Not right now. So instead, I lean down and kiss her. Her lips brush against mine delicately. Inhaling, I can taste her perfectly. Her skin is warm as I pull her closer so that she’s lying on top of me on the sofa.

She moves above me, circling her hips over my crotch. If I wasn’t hard a minute ago, I certainly am now. Her top rides up as my fingers inch along her back. She moans into our kiss, deepening it as my tongue sweeps into her mouth.

Her hand sneaks into my trousers, moving along my inner thigh, before wrapping around my dick. She strokes it slowly, bringing her hand down the shaft before rubbing the head with her thumb. She pulls back then. Her touch is teasing at first, light touches.

Her eyes meet mine. I love the way she looks at me. She doesn’t doubt me at all. It’s hard to believe because I know I don’t deserve her trust. I broke her heart years ago, and although I’ll never do it again, and she’s long since forgiven me, I can’t bring myself to forget it. She looks at me like I’m everything. Like this moment is everything she needs.

She tugs at it firmly with a confidence that is ridiculously sexy. She keeps up an intoxicating rhythm as she pushes my shirt up with her spare hand. Her mouth follows, kissing along the skin that she exposes.

Fuck me! Grace never ceases to surprise me. She sucks on my nipple before swirling her tongue around it, never once letting up on tugging at my dick. She licks her way back down my body until she reaches the hem of my trousers, unbuttoning them. She releases my cock just as I think I might come.

I groan at the loss as she pushes my trousers down past my arse, releasing my dick from its confines. Without hesitation, she reaches for it again, this time taking it in her mouth. The warmth of her mouth is almost overwhelming, and I find myself thrusting into it. She pulls back though, and the look on her face tells me that she plans on making this last. Kissing my dick, she plays with the tip, swirling her tongue around it before giving a gentle suck.

She’s such a tease, moving so slow it’s frustrating. Long, slow licks of her tongue down the underside of my dick before returning to suck the head for just a moment. Every time, I imagine her taking my dick back into the warmth of her mouth, but she doesn’t.

Her hands are on my body, nails digging into my skin.

My dick pulses as she sucks on the tip again, and once again I desperately pray that she’ll suck the whole thing into her mouth. She doesn’t disappoint as she hollows out her cheeks and takes my dick into her mouth so deeply it makes her eyes water. Her hands move to my balls, playing with them gently.

She moans around my dick, her eyes focused on my face. It’s clear that she knows how close I am. She’s looking particularly pleased with herself. My hips are bucking off the sofa, pushing up into her mouth. The closer I get to releasing my load, I wonder if she’ll pull back again. Gracie really does love to tease me.

And in fairness, I love to be teased. By Grace at least.

The orgasm shatters through my body as she continues to deep throat my dick. I come down her throat as I feel an almost electric heat spread throughout my entire body. I almost forget my own name as I groan out the only word that matters to me—the one that my entire universe revolves around—her name, ‘Grace.’