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Deleting History

Book Two in the History Series

We've got a whole history of fuck ups.

Deleting History is the second book in a second chance enemies to lovers romance series from USA Today Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley. The banter is quick witted, unprofessional and downright naughty as this pair try to find out if they have a future together despite their past.

You can’t delete the past. You can’t avoid it either. If you do, eventually it will slap you right across the face. Clara’s been avoiding her past for years, but when it’s exposed what will she do?

More than that, how can she keep the people she loves safe from scandal? Will she sacrifice her own happiness to keep everyone’s history buried?

And will Andrew let her give him up?

"While telling myself, one more chapter then I'm going to sleep, the wee hours of this morning saw this book done and dusted." - Bloggers Down Under

Fans of the History series can read special bonus scenes on Hanleigh's Patreon.
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A+ Broken Rules-1.jpg

‘So, what did he do?’

Aurora's question catches me off guard because truth be told, I barely know her and she’s massively overstepping the line of civilised, polite conversation between two complete strangers. We’ve only met a few times and yet now that suddenly we’ve found out we’re sisters, she expects me to just open up to her about things that I haven’t even told my best friends. It also grates that she presumes that Andrew has done something. He has, of course, but really, why would she presume it’s him and not me? I could be the one to have messed this all up. I’m not, but still, I feel protective of him.

It sucks that we’re paying for something he did back when we were sixteen. I’d thought we’d gotten past all our history. I had been trying anyway because the way he made me feel was worth it. Loving him was better than hating him. I don’t think I could hate him even if I tried now and I know without a doubt I don’t want to.

Hating him isn’t an option.

‘It’s a long story.’

I’m not telling her.

I don’t know her.

I can’t trust her.

She’ll probably run back to Andrew and tell him everything I say, or at the very least, she’ll tell Landon, and he’ll undoubtedly tell Andrew. Landon and Aurora are his friends. He has their loyalty, not me. But that’s okay.

I don’t want a sister.

I don’t need a sister.

I have two brothers, and they are more than enough to deal with. I never wanted to know who my mother was. I didn’t want to know the name of the woman who had abandoned me as a small girl. I hadn’t wanted to know if she started a new family... A better family...

The idea that that family might be enough to keep her, that she might have loved them enough to stay when she’d never loved me that much.

My pride had taken a fall when I learnt that my mother did indeed have another family. She’d had two more daughters, neither of which looked anything like me. To look at us, you wouldn’t even think we could be cousins, let alone sisters.

Looking at Aurora now, all I want to know is what makes her better than me. What is it that made Michelle Stone stay with Aurora and Aileen when she didn’t stay with me?

‘I’ve got time.’

Aurora’s smile is easy, almost carefree. But then, right now, her greatest concern is the colour scheme for her wedding reception. It’s hardly taxing.

‘How’s the shoulder?’ I ask, trying to distract her. She’d recently been in a plane crash that had caused Landon Peters, my boss, to fly across the Atlantic to be with her. They’d returned home engaged. Most people are easily distracted by the idea of themselves, but not Aurora Stone apparently. She eyes me shrewdly, noting my deflection.

‘Fine.’ She laughs. ‘Now stop trying to change the subject.’

‘I just don’t want to talk about Andrew.’ It isn’t a lie. I don’t want to talk about Andrew, but more importantly, I don’t want to talk to Aurora Stone about him.

‘I get it,’ and for a second I think she’s going to drop it, and then she opens her mouth again. ‘You know he’s a mess?’

Her eyes are kind, but the rest of her face is set to business. She has an agenda. But it’s not my agenda. She’s on team Andrew.

The problem is this is not something she can change with a little girl to girl chat. No amount of over-sharing on my part can change the fact that Andrew slept with Sarah or that they were pregnant. Time catches up with all of us eventually, and if Andrew stays with me, his past will hit the headlines. I can’t let that happen.

‘He’d be more of a mess if he was with me,’ I tell her honestly, because it really is what I believe.

‘How? How is that possible?’

Aurora’s frowning now. I find myself wondering if my mother looks more like her or me. We really don’t look anything alike.

‘Is this to do with everything with our families?’

‘Yes. No... It’s complicated.’ And I don’t want to have to explain.

‘I’m good with complicated, trust me.’

‘Problem is I don’t. I barely know you. I’m not about to open up to you.’ My words are harsh and perhaps unnecessary, but I’m riled up, and it’s the truth.


She winces slightly at my words before moving on.

‘What would you like to talk about then?’

That’s the question, isn’t it? I really don’t know why I agreed to this lunch. I don’t want Aurora to be my sister. I want her to be the girlfriend of my boss who I occasionally go out for a drink with or out on shopping dates. That’s where our acquaintance had been heading before all this, and now instead we’re half-sisters.

‘I don’t know.’

‘Want to talk about mum?’ she asks gently.

‘No. Definitely not.’

‘You don’t want to know about her at all?’


There’s an awkward silence that is only broken by the noise of the other guests in the restaurant.

‘This is weird, isn’t it?’ Aurora smiles sadly at me, breaking our silence. ‘If we were friends, I think you’d happily talk to me, but instead we’re sisters, and everything that’s happening in your life right now seems to be off limits to your new little sister. So how about a truce?’

‘We’re not at war.’ My voice is still tense.

‘Feels a bit like it.’ Aurora laughs. ‘Truth is, we’ve all been caught off guard by this…’ she struggles for the word, ‘scandal. But it doesn’t have to change anything. You don’t want to know mum, though I know she wants to know you. Mum and I aren’t really talking, so you don’t need to worry that anything you say to me will get back to her.’

She takes a breath before continuing.

‘And as for everything else, we were well on our way to being friends before all this. I think we should just be friends. Put this sister shit on the back burner and just get to know each other.’

Again she pauses, as if considering her words.

‘Problem is, though, Clara. Friends talk. They share their opinions... sometimes frankly and I think... I think you’re making a mistake and as your friend, I feel obliged to tell you.’