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A History in Paris

Book Four in the History Series

I couldn't fall in love with him because there was no guarantee how long he'd stay.

A History in Paris is a History series companion story from USA Today Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley.

They say that Paris is the city of love. For Kenneth Delos, the ex-mayor of London, it's something else; the city of his love, the city of his youth, the city of his heartbreak.

Paris is the city that holds his deepest, darkest secrets.
It's the place where he first fell in and out of love. It's the place where Michelle Spencer left him and their children. It's the city of his past, and it holds a history that won't stay buried.

Now years after his time in Paris, Kenneth and Michelle tell their children of their history in Paris.

"It was lovely and heartbreaking, full of sad truths and a sad ending."

Fans of the History series can read special bonus scenes on Hanleigh's Patreon.
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