I've been writing since 2015 and it all started with Broken Rules, the first book in a four book series. From this one book a whole saga of books began. Hanleigh's London Saga is now fourteen books long with more soon to come.

Expectations. Rules. Perfection. Aurora's life is dictated by everyone else's rules and expectations.

One night, one man changes everything in a split second decision that might just change her life, one broken rule at a time.

Together, Aurora and Landon begin an adventure of rule breaking, undeniable chemistry and hot sex.

It's a whirlwind of giving and losing control.

The first book in a four book complete series, Broken Rules is the story of two Londoners. If you love CEO romances this is definitely a book for you.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, although Hanleigh also hopes to release an Audiobook in the near future.

The best bit is that when you've finished reading Broken Rules the story doesn't have to end and you won't be left with a book hangover waiting for book two as the whole series is already available.

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I'm super excited about our new website, like crazy excited and thought I'd use my first Blog Post to tell you a little something about ME! Just in case you have no idea who I am... I am Hanleigh Bradley, author of Romance. I used to say that I was an author of Contemporary Romance but that isn't technically true anymore. I now write more than just Contemporary Romance. I've also started writing Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance too.

  1. I'll Be Twenty-Nine In March

  2. I have curly hair

  3. I love to write Romance

  4. I love reading almost as much as I love writing

  5. I have a tattoo

  6. I'm British (and panicking about Brexit...)

  7. I love visiting London

  8. I'm learning Chinese and Korean

  9. I love watching Grey's Anatomy & Madam Secretary

  10. I can sing, dance, act... you name it I can probably do it (but that doesn't mean that I do, thank goodness)

  11. I love Orion's Belt because it always reminds me of home

  12. I listen to classical music while I write

  13. I'm addicted to chocolate and pepsi max

  14. I have two pet dogs - Manny and Missy

  15. I love foxes and that's why Kumari's Kitsune has a very very special fox in it

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