Hanleigh doesn't just write one sub-genre of romance. She loves a little bit of variety and has written everything from mystery romance to reverse harem. There are fantasies rich in mythology and London based contemporary romances that will make your heart pound. Hanleigh has something for everyone!

Hanleigh's London Saga includes all of Hanleigh's Contemporary and New Adult Romances. There's everything from Bad Boy CEOs to Sexy Doctors with incredibly headstrong and independent female protagonists. There are Second Chance stories and tales that will re-ignite your belief in love. You will probably cry but every tear will be worth it as you fall in love over and over again, craving every new release and cherishing Hanleigh's characters forever as you see them live out their HEA in this ever growing Saga of books.

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Kumari's Kitsune Reverse Harem Series

Hanleigh's very first delve into the wonders of Fantasy Romance brought the Kumari's Kitsune Series to life. The series is based in a completely fictional world. Hanleigh combines her interest in Asian culture and mythology with her very lacking knowledge of Korean, Japanese and Chinese with the very popular sub-genre of romance Reverse Harem (another Asian influence) to create something completely new.

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Lust & Lyrics Contemporary Reverse Harem Series

This series started as a bit of a joke. Hanleigh has always loved those movies and stories of girls pretending to be boys. It's something that writers have been doing since the time of Shakespeare. Twelfth Night is Hanleigh's absolute favourite Shakespeare play and she's loved all the movies that have copied the premise over the years, including the all time favourite She's The Man. Girls can be just as badass as any boy! 

Because readers requested it, I am also planning to write a standalone about Creed in the near future.

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The Elite Series is brand new! The first book, INSTINCT, was released in July 2019. The series follows the most elite, socially powerful set of Vampires to roam the Earth. They're the royalty that silently govern us.


Utterly Betrayed is an Organised Crime romance about the Mafia. It starts with Flip A Coin, a story about Olivia Dixon, a kick ass female mob boss. If you love strong female characters this one definitely should be on your TBR.

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Silver Springs is a fictional paranormal town. It is a multi-author shared universe. If you enjoy light-hearted, fun reverse harem romances, you'll enjoy these books. 

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Hanleigh also has some books that don't fall into any particular series and should be read independently.

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